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Trading currencies is a complicated process demanding good information and a perfect understanding of how the Forex market works. is a specialized Forex Trading Website offering educational and other resources for world currency traders.

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Introduction to Forex Trading

The Foreign Exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with a 4 trillion USD daily turnover.

  • Find general information about the Foreign Exchange Market
  • Learn about the most traded Forex Pairs

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Forex Trade Tips and other Learning Resources

Alternative Trading System (ATS)There are thousands of economic, and other, variables affecting Forex currencies (interest rates, unemployment, inflation, central bank policies, etc.). The most important task for a Forex trader is to focus on what is currently important and to ignore everything else. Currencies move in mid-term circles, and every circle includes several phases.

For example, technical analysis is important in general, but it is important only when there are no fundamental changes in the market. If the level of interest rates changes unexpectedly, technical analysis is incapable of explaining market behavior. What is the point of analyzing the market using Bollinger Bands, RSI, or Stochastics when an exchange rate surges 1,000 pips without any correction?

Therefore, currency traders must always identify and distinguish the prevailing market forces in order to understand and forecast the dynamics of the upcoming market action. These market forces create different market phases and thus different conditions for traders.

These are some examples of different market dynamics:

  1. Ranging Markets (Weak Trends, Price Moving within Historical Support and Resistance, No Key Price Breakouts)
  2. Dynamic Fundamental Conditions (Fundamental Changes, Large Price Swings without Correction, No Technical Analysis)
  3. Dynamic Technical Conditions (Technical Analysis, Trending Markets, ABCD Patterns, Price Breakouts, Price Corrections)

From these three (3) phases, the easier to trade is the 3rd: ‘Dynamic Technical Conditions’ and the hardest is the 2nd: ‘Dynamic Fundamental Conditions’. Fundamental-driven markets require a macroeconomic understanding and the implementation of extremely tight money management.

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Adapting Money Management to New Market Conditions

It is no secret that most Forex traders fail as they cannot implement a proper money management system. Each different market phase requires the use of different money management skills and techniques. For example, when you trade a ranging market you can use high capital leverage, and place tight stop-loss orders. On the other hand, when you trade a choppy market the use of capital leverage must be limited to max 20:1.

  • Money management must be adaptive to any new market conditions (news releases, fundamental changes, etc.)
  • Choppy market conditions require tight money management and wide stop-loss orders
  • Ranging markets can be traded by using higher capital leverage and tighter stop-loss orders
  • Money management must also adapt to Forex Market Correlations

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Best Times to Trade Forex

The best time to trade the Forex Market occurs between 10:00 – 17.00 PM (GMT) from Tuesday to Thursday.

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Detailed Forex Broker Trading Reviews

Choosing Forex Brokers GuideOnline Forex trading has grown dramatically during the past decade. The increased competition in the Forex industry works in favor of the public by improving the quality of services and by shrinking trading costs. Unfortunately, this does not mean that every Forex broker is good for trading.

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Forex Trade Systems

A trading system is a set of specific processes and rules that can help traders to optimize their trading decisions (trade signals, entry/exit points, money management, etc.). There are several different types of Forex trading systems belonging to two broad categories:

  • Manual Trade Systems (Indicators, Trade Signal Generators, etc.)
  • Automated Trade Systems (Copy-Trading, EAs, etc.)

The EA Builder

EA Builder is an application that can transform trading ideas into indicators or Expert Advisors (EAs). The operation of the system is 100% web-based, and the generated Indicators and EAs run on MT4, MT5, and TradeStation platforms. 

■ Read More: » EA Builder for MT4 and MT5

Forex Pattern Recognition

Chart Pattern Recognition

Chart Pattern Recognition refers to computer algorithms designed to recognize regularities in the price data series of a financial instrument, price regularities are identified as chart patterns. Chart pattern recognition is a machine learning process. This means developers train their system based on historical price data (supervised process) in order to use it for forecasting future price behavior (unsupervised process).

■ More about Chart Recognition:

Forex Trading Strategies

You cannot control the outcome of any trade-in in an uncertain market, but you can control 100% of the process that generates this outcome. This is called a trading strategy.

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Forex Trading Rebates with over 15 Forex Brokers offers the chance to all Forex Traders to make money based solely on their Trading Volumes. You just have to contact us and we will explain everything.

  • All Trader’s Commissions (Rebates) are Calculated on a Round-lot Basis
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  • Making Money Based Solely on Trading Volumes (no matter if trades are winning or losing)
  • No Limitations of any Kind (Time, Welcome Bonus, etc.)
  • Automatic Payments into Trading Accounts (or manual payments via Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller)
  • Never Charging any Re-Quotes (your trading terms remain 100% the same, or better)

If you need further information about how you can join a Forex Rebate plan 100% free contact us (intraday response): » Contact us today and get a Free Rebate Offer


Compare Forex Brokers based on the four (4) Rating Factors of the RatingFormula 5.0Forex Broker Ratings by the Revolutionary RatingFormula 5.0

The rating formula is a concept of George M. Protonotarios aiming to objectify online broker ratings. In the near future, search engines will use similar rating algorithms to estimate the real value of online corporations for end-users, and based on the results, list them respectively in their search results.

How does the Forex RatingFormula 5.0 Work?

The RatingFormula incorporates four (4) rating factors:

  1. Factor-(A): Safety of Funds (weight 00%)
  2. Factor-(B): Transaction Cost (weight 28.00%)
  3. Factor-(C): Variety of Trading Options (weight 28.00%)
  4. Factor-(D): Technology (weight 00%)

Image: The RatingFormula 5.0 Framework in Action:

The Forex Rating Formula 5.0 Framework

■ Read More Here: » Rating Foreign Exchange Brokers using the RatingFormula 5.0

Forex Rating Analysis

These are the first 16 Forex RatingFormula 5.0 ratings:

  Intraday Trading Swing Trading Carry Trading Overall Rating RATINGS WEBSITES
DUKASCOPY BANK 80.03% 71.30% 90.09% 81.6% » Dukascopy Bank » Visit Dukascopy Bank
IC MARKETS 80.29% 81.78% 73.14% 80.6% » ICMarkets Rating » Visit ICMarkets
IRONFX 68.01% 77.38% 50.61% 77.7% » IronFx Rating » Visit IronFx
DUKASCOPY EUROPE 74.32% 66.22% 83.65% 75.6% » Dukascopy Europe » Visit Dukascopy
FBS 64.05% 58.36% 34.12% 65.8% » FBS Rating » Visit FBS


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The RatingFormula series is a concept of George M. Protonotarios aiming to objectify the online corporate ratings. In the future, search engines and other applications will use similar rating algorithms to estimate the real value of online corporations for end users and list them respectively in their search results.

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