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Trading rebates are cash back reward programs that can help traders to make profits based solely on their trading volumes. A trading rebate plan can prove significantly profitable for day traders, scalpers, EA users, and other large-volume traders. operate as an IB and offer world traders some of the best rebate plans in the industry. All our plans are free to join, lasting permanently, and most importantly we will never widen your trading spreads, as other IBs do. That is our guarantee.

What are Forex Rebates?

Trading Rebates is a popular method of commission sharing between brokers and traders. As a loyalty incentive, Forex brokers give a share of the commissions they earn back to their traders. These rebates are calculated based on trading volumes and are paid usually on a monthly basis. This process involves also an Introducing Broker (IB) who operates as an intermediate between a retail trader and a Forex broker.

How Forex Rebates Realy Work?

This is how a Forex rebate plan works:

(1) You get in touch with an IB such as and request to participate in the rebate plan of the XXX broker

(2) The IB confirms that you are eligible to participate in the rebate plan and sends you his deal along with his rebate link

(3) You open a trading account with the Forex broker of your choice via the rebate link (if you don't sign up via this rebate link you may have problems with your participation)

(4) You confirm your action with the IB and the IB links your new trading account with the rebate plan

(5) That is all, now you can deposit funds and start trading, you are officially participating in the rebate plan

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How the Rebates are Calculated and Paid

(6) The Rebates are calculated based on your Daily Volumes (as measured in full traded lots)

(7) The rebates are paid in a daily or a monthly basis directly and automatically to your own trading account or they can be paid via web wallets, such as Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill

Who Can Participate in a Rebate Plan?

Any trader can participate (retail or institutional) in a trading rebate plan. The only thing he has to do is to get in touch with the corresponding IB.

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What Defines the Rebates Paid

The rebate amount you will receive depends on several factors, but majorly on:

(1) The volumes you trade on a monthly basis (in lots)

(2) The assets you trade

What is the Role of an IB?

IBs work as middlemen between traders and brokers. They are introducing new clients to brokers and in return, they are paid a share of the commissions earned. A great portion of this share is given back to the trader in the form of a rebate.

What are the Dangers of a Rebate Plan?

The only danger is to open an account with a Forex broker based solely on the attractiveness of his rebate plan without caring about the broker’s real spreads. The best thing to do is to select the perfect Forex broker for your needs and then seek a rebate plan. We can help you with that.

Trading Rebates Scam

There are some brokers and IBs that promise lucrative trading rebates, while what they are really doing is widening the spread you pay and giving you back the difference as a rebate. This practice is a clear scam. The solution is to demand always from your IB to inform you officially if he widens the spread or not. guarantees that it will never widen the trading spreads of its clients.

Demand always from your IB to get officially informed about any spread widening




Advantages When Joining a Forex Rebate Plan

Trading Rebates help traders to make their trading process more profitable. If you trade a lot, participation in a rebate plan can make the difference between winning and losing.

(1) Participating in a rebate plan is free and permanent

(2) It is the best way to make profits based solely on your trading volumes, no matter if your trades are winners or losers

(3) Your trading terms remain the same. An honest IB will never widen your spreads to offer you a greater rebate

(4) You can claim any additional promotion without any problem, including Forex Bonus promotions

(5) The whole sign-up process with a Forex broker is as easy as if you weren't participating in the rebate plan

(6) Sometimes, you can join a rebate plan even if you already have an account with a Forex broker

(7) Most of the time, the rebate amount is paid automatically in your account on a daily basis without requiring any effort

(8) Trading rebates are really important for day traders, scalpers, EA users, and other large-volume traders.

Join Easily Rebate Plans:



IC MARKETS ($1.2 / traded lot)


The broker was found in 2007 and it is based in Australia. Regulated by ASIC (Australia -license 335692).

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish


  • SPREADS: 0.1 on EURUSD plus $7.0 / lot
  • LEVERAGE: 1:30
  • PLATFORMS: MetaTrader-4, MetaTrader-5, MT4 for iPhone and Android, cTrader, Mobile cTrader cAlgo
  • FREE VPS: YES (100 round turn lots per calendar month are required)
  • ASSETS: 56 currency pairs, 4 major metals, Equities (12 index CFDs), Energies (Brent and WTI)
  • $200 for MT4 account
  • $1,000 for cTrader account
  • FUND METHODS: Bank Wire, Credit Card, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller


■ $1.2 / full traded lot

PAID: Manually via Paypal or Skrill -Monthly paid


■ Contact us for free participation (» Contact us once to make the set-up)



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Forex Trading Rebates 

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Forex Cash Bonuses

Forex Cash Bonuses□ 20% MULTIBANK BONUS (UP TO $40,000, WITHDRAWABLE)

10% as a cashback bonus + another 10% as credit


  • The Cashback Bonus is withdrawable
  • On all accounts, except the Pro Account




The 100% LQDFX cash Bonus applies to all deposits above $250, in all account types, and it is instantly credited.


-1-. The maximum cumulative amount that can be earned is 20,000 USD/EUR per trading account.
-2-. The 100% Bonus Value is calculated as $5 USD per round turn lot traded. (100,000 units round turn) traded on FX & Gold products
-3- Positions open for less than three minutes are not eligible to qualify towards the volume requirement.
-4- The 100% Bonus can be withdrawn
-5- Minimum deposit amount to qualify for the 100% bonus is $250 per deposit





-1- Trade and multiply your profit with a maximum leverage of 1:500
-2- Profit received on the bonus funds is withdrawable after 2 lots are traded, and profit reaches $25 or more
-3- Maximum profit made with the Bonus account is $500



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